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Edgewater Networks’ New Trade Up to SD-WAN Program
Posted by Danielle Bucella on 23 May 2018 11:11 AM

Edgewater Networks, the market leader in Network Edge Orchestration, recently announced its new Trade Up to SD-WAN program, which will enable partners to upgrade their existing EdgeMarc Intelligent Edges to the new SD-WAN capable devices. This program allows partners to continue providing both security and service assurance to their customers in conjunction with an expansion in functionality, including SD-WAN traffic shaping and optimization capabilities.

The Trade-Up to SD-WAN Program

Interest in SD-WAN has been on the rise, and it is imperative that more manufacturers begin offering compatible devices. It is also necessary for businesses to offer partners the ability to trade up. Existing hardware must be easily upgraded without the need to purchase new hardware. For Edgewater Networks’ customers, this program does just that. The Trade-Up to SD-WAN program also leverages Edgewater Networks’ innovative Cloud2Edge Complete service and provides partners with:

√  High margin SD-WAN revenue

√  Trade-in discounts on the SD-WAN EdgeMarc Intelligent Edges

√  Zero-touch provisioning, enabling an easier & faster installation

√  Instant access to the EdgeView Service Control Center

Devices eligible for an upgrade include any legacy EdgeMarc Intelligent Edge, including the EdgeMarc 2900 series, the EdgeMarc 4806 and 4808 Multi-Service Gateways, and EdgeMarc 7000 series.

A Further Look at Edgewater Networks’ SD-WAN

SD-WANEdgewater Networks’ SD-WAN solution addresses many of the pain points that are commonly associated with corporate WAN, and also adapts to changes of corporate networks, such as distributed workforces or increase in cloud-based applications. This new SD-WAN product is an ideal fit for the needs of small to medium businesses (SMB).

Edgewater Networks’ SD-WAN solution is comprised of an array of different components, including application specific routing, multi-link performance, stateful SIP transfer, and survivability. The compilation of these different components provides a complete solution that will deliver application performance, quality experience, and business continuity.

  • Application Prioritization: Prioritization is done at the application level, based on either URL or IP address. Businesses are able to identify critical traffic, which will ensure a better overall customer experience. Deployment strategies can become more flexible, as priorities can be applied in single link or multi-link environments. Users are also able to set prioritization as both the destination and source.


  • Multi-link Performance: With multi-link performance, routing of mission-critical voice and data traffic is now enabled. SD-WAN will continually monitor link quality, which will determine if any degradation is occurring. If so, traffic will be moved accordingly. The traffic that you value the most will always find the best path to its destination.


  • Stateful SIP Transfer (SST): SST allows SIP sessions to be moved seamlessly from one WAN link to another whenever primary link quality has degraded. SST combines both application routing priorities and multi-link performance to manage SIP voice sessions. If there are degraded conditions, SST will then decide to move individual SIP sessions, which will be based upon degradation level. Voie sessions will stay during any transfer between WAN connections, though, so dropped calls and poor voice performance will be eliminated.


  • Survivability: This component will add extra resiliency and business continuity functionality. It includes failover functionality to analog (FXO or PRI) trunks, as well as limited PBX functions during outages. PBX features include station-to-station dialing, hold, transfer, conference, and park.

EdgeView Service Control Center

Management Through the EdgeView Service Control Center

Edgewater Networks’ SD-WAN can be managed entirely through the EdgeView Service Control Center, a cloud-based platform for provisioning, managing and troubleshooting a VoIP network. The EdgeView interface allows service providers to easily and efficiently manage all their devices across all customers and enables SD-WAN control. The dashboard provides a visualization of SD-WAN’s overall performance, as well as detailed troubleshooting records. To learn more about the EdgeView Service Control Center and Cloud2Edge Complete, visit CloudCo Partner’s C2E site.


Looking for learn more about Edgewater Networks’ new SD-WAN solution or Trade Up to SD-WAN Program? Contact the VoIP specialists at 888VoIP by calling 888-864-7786. One of our expert Channel Managers will be able to assist you with more information.

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How the Grandstream GWN Series is Helping Businesses
Posted by Danielle Bucella on 11 May 2018 03:32 PM

Our networking line had its humble beginnings back in October of 2016 with the release of the GWN7610 WiFi AP. Since then, we have released two additional APs, a Gigabit Router and will soon launch a cloud-based WiFi management platform. Since its inception, the GWN series has been delivering success to our customers throughout the world. Let’s take a look at some recent examples of how our GWN series is helping business compete in a mobility-driven world.

Service Deployments

Within the restaurant service industry, meeting the needs of your customer is a top priority. Providing them with an easy WiFi connection is no exception. Blazing fast speeds, a captive portal for network protection, separate guest and employee networks, and easy centralized management are all necessities. Luckily, our networking line is capable of delivering just this and a lot more to boot. This is why Edith’s restaurant, a popular restaurant in one of Mexico’s prominent vacation destinations, relies on Grandstream’s GWN series for their wireless networking needs.

Edith’s wireless network is comprised of Grandstream’s long-range WiFi access point, the GWN7600LR. Offering up to 300 meters of range and weatherproof casing for outside environments, the GWN7600LRs were able to offer 1.27Gbps speeds to all areas of the restaurants while being able to stand up to the occasional rain and heat of Cabo San Lucas. The GWN7600LRs’ built-in centralized network control empowers the restaurant with an easy-to-manage and monitor network. Edith’s can now process credit card payments, track reservations, manage inventory, place orders, mobilize employees and offer customers a dedicated network all over WiFi, thanks to our GWN networking series.

Click to read the full case study.

Office Deployments

Enterprise-grade speed, support for thousands of clients, comprehensive range, and centralized management and monitoring are key aspects of an office’s wireless network. Being able to mobilize employees is proven to increase productivity and employee collaboration. Yeah1, a popular multimedia platform in Vietnam, kept growing but found themselves running on an outdated WiFi network. After being held back by slow connections and unstable wireless zones, they chose to upgrade to a network of Grandstream enterprise-grade WiFi access points, the GWN7610.

By deploying GWN7610 WiFi Access Points throughout their office, Yeah1 was able to successfully upgrade to an enterprise-grade wireless network. Providing up to 175 meter range and 1.75GBps speeds, the deployment was able to ensure the fastest possible connections without any drops or dead-zones in the office. Additionally, Grandstream’s built-in controller offers powerful network management and monitoring features, along with an easy setup process for adding new WiFi access points. All of this comes together to create a successful wireless network for Yeah1 that can scale as much as they do.

Click to read the full case study.

Fast and powerful wireless networks provide mobility benefits that all organizations need. Deployment after deployment, our GWN series of networking devices continue to deliver success to customers by providing a scalable wireless solution that is easy-to-setup, manage and monitor.

This blog is adapted from an original blog post on, written by Brian Van Meter, Community Marketing Specialist

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Why Should You Become a Yealink Education Reseller?
Posted by Danielle Bucella on 07 May 2018 09:42 AM

The competition is tough in the Education market, but Yealink is insistent on helping resellers gain (and win!) more school projects.  Enter the Yealink Education Reseller Certification program.  This program is designed to assist resellers in obtaining more project opportunities.  Above all, you will experience an increase in project win rates.  Learn more about the program, the qualifications, and the benefits of being a part of Yealink’s program.

Are you Qualified to be a Yealink Education Reseller?

Yealink’s program is divided into two different certification levels: Certified Partner and Advanced Partner.  Both are applicable in North America and will be valid for one year provisionally (through August 2018).  Are you a reseller in the Education Market?  Want to know what certification you would qualify for?  Check out the qualifications here:

Yealink Education Reseller Program

The Program Benefits

Both certification tiers offer resellers a vast array of benefits, making this certification program one not to miss out on.  Partners will receive demo package discounts, MDF incentives, and numerous support benefits. See below to learn about the different benefits you can receive from being either a Certified or Advanced Partner.

Yealink Program Benefit Matrix

For both Certified and Advanced Partners, you will receive a free extended warranty service based upon the number of units.  For 1000 to 3000 units, you’ll receive a one-year warranty for free.  Have over 3,000 units?  Yealink will extend your free warranty to two years.

Next Steps to Learn More & Register…

Interested in becoming a Certified or Advanced Partner?  An 888VoIP sales representative is here to help!  You will prepare a registration document, which your sales representative will then receive.  Afterward, you will fill out an application form for Yealink Certified SI.  Yealink will then evaluate your qualifications.  Depending on your status, you will then receive your certification (with all its benefits!) and a certification logo.  Yealink will review your partner status on an annual basis to ensure you are in the right partner tier.

Contact the team at 888VoIP by calling 888-864-7786 for additional information on this program.

More information directly from Yealink about their Opportunity Incentive Programs can be accessed here.

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CyberData IP Endpoints: Newest Product Releases
Posted by Danielle Bucella on 26 April 2018 09:30 AM

Leading OEM design and IP endpoint manufacturing for over 40 years, CyberData is consistently ahead of the game, developing inventive and leading-edge endpoint solutions. Known for their quality, reliability, and industrial endurance, CyberData has released an array of new products during the beginning months of 2018.

SIP RFID Access Control Endpoints

CyberData has added two new RFID Access Control devices to its product portfolio: 011426 SIP RFID Keypad Access CyberData RFID Secure Access Control Endpoint with KeypadControl Endpoint and 011425 SIP RFID Access Control Endpoint. Access control is critical for properly securing a building, and both solutions provide secure entry into any structure. Geared towards the SMB security market, both endpoints are cost-effective alternatives to traditional, hard-wired control devices. Requirements of a traditional access control device may include control panels, software & hardware, and additional servicing costs. Both CyberData options, though, can be quickly integrated within an already existing VoIP infrastructure and do not possess those additional requirements.

These access control endpoints are comprised of important security features. Users can securely unlock and lock either gates or doors using the endpoint. Security is further enabled by AES128 encryption, which ensures that data between the card and the reader cannot be accessed by hackers. When a card is read, there is also an additional security measure in place: mutual authentication. The reader and the card will go through a complex mathematical process when they compare encrypted security keys. This guarantees that any communication between the card and the reader cannot be copied to produce a duplicate card.

Whether you opt for the version with or without a keypad, your RFID Access Control Endpoint will also feature:

  • Full SIP compliance
  • An IP 65 outdoor-rating, protecting it from harmful dust & water spray from all directions
  • An optional weather shroud to increase protection
  • Alert buzzer
  • Red/green lock status lights
  • Operation in standalone mode, meaning a PBX is not required & is ideal for those who don’t have an IP PBX (devices will still work if you upgrade to a VoIP IP PBX)
  • Built-in time of access scheduler
  • Support of up to 500 access codes, including a “bad code” list
  • Web-based reporting

Learn more about all of the features of both RFID Access Control Endpoints by visiting each product page in the 888VoIP Product Portal: 011426 SIP RFID Keypad Access Control Endpoint and 011425 SIP RFID Access Control Endpoint.

SIP IP66 Outdoor Horn

Implementation of an IP-based overhead paging system is made easy with the CyberData SIP IP66 outdoor horn. Optimal for loud areas, such as warehouses, outdoors, and manufacturing environments, this horn is perfect for most SIP-based IP PBX servers and non-SIP environments. For the non-SIP area, the speaker can be configured to listen to multicast address & port number combinations which will lead to the formation of paging zones.

The new outdoor horn also features:

  • Autoprovisioning via HTTPS & web-based HTTPS configurationCyberData SIP Outdoor Horn
  • Support for security code access for SIP paging
  • Configuration event generation for health & status monitoring
  • 9 user-uploadable page messages
  • An IP 66 outdoor-rating, protecting it from harmful dust & low-pressure water jets from all directions
  • SIP and simultaneous multicast
  • Sealed network cable gland
  • User-uploadable tones & messages

For more information on the outdoor horn, visit the 011457 SIP IP66 Outdoor Horn product page.

SIP Heavy Duty Emergency Keypad Call Station

The PoE powered Emergency Keypad Call Station IP Phone is ideal for environmentally demanding installations. Quickly reach a contact with the push-to-call and emergency call button. Its ease-of-use and ruggedized exterior make it a proper addition for large college and university campus environments. The powder-coated steel faceplate will ensure the device is protected from corrosion. Like other CyberData solutions, the Heavy Duty Emergency Keypad Call CyberData Emergency Keypad Call StationStation is fully compatible with most on-premise and hosted IP-PBX systems. Other features of the new call station include:

  • Ability to double as a paging speaker
  • Hands-free operation
  • Surge arrestor to prevent any voltage spike damage
  • Visual LED indicator for calls
  • Electronic ringer
  • Concurrent SIP call and multicast paging

For more information on this new solution, visit the 011463 SIP Heavy Duty Emergency Call Station product page.

Ruggedized Industrial Phones

For oil rigs, shipping ports, large campuses, subway stations, highways, tunnels, and more, CyberData has recently released four heavy-duty industrial phones specifically for harsher conditions and environments that cause challenging installations (including the emergency keypad call station). All of the new industrial VoIP phones are PoE powered, utilize the SIP 3261 protocol, and can also be used as a paging speaker. These models include:

  • SIP Weatherproof Keypad PhoneThis SIP compliant weatherproof phone is encased in a Type 4X and IP66 sturdy thermoplastic resin, which will protect the phone from dust, rain, corrosion, splashing, and water jets. Its waterproof connections & stainless steel fittings will also further ensure durability and improve the life of the device. This phone also has a G type industrial handset, vandal resistant handset cord, electronic ringer, and hearing aid compatibility.
  • SIP Vandal Resistant Keypad PhoneLike the weatherproof phone, the vandal resistant phone is also protected by a closing case. This phone features a solid aluminum case, protecting it from weather, dust, and vandalism. It also sports a G type industrial handset, vandal resistant handset cord, noise-reducing microphone, hearing aid compatibility, and electronic ringer.
  • SIP Armored Steel Ringdown PhoneProtected from corrosion due to its powder coated stainless steel hardware, the ringdown phone is fully compatible with most on-premise & hosted IP-PBX systems. An ideal heavy-duty option, the phone also features a heavy duty G type handset, vandal resistant armored handset cord, and magnetic reed hook switch that reduces parts that are normally subject to wear.







To learn more about these new solutions from CyberData or to get information on their other products, contact the 888VoIP specialists at 888-864-7786. Our expert team will be able to walk you through the CyberData product portfolio and determine the best solutions to offer your customers. CyberData solutions can fulfill the needs of many different businesses and environments, and our team will be able to identify which would be fitting for your clients.

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The Endless Reasons to Choose a Grandstream UCM
Posted by Danielle Bucella on 16 April 2018 09:00 AM

With the overabundance of communication technologies flooding today’s offices, businesses are in need of a management platform that provides unification. The Grandstream UCM IP PBX series does just that. It delivers an impressively powerful and easy to manage platform that brings together different technologies, including voice, video communications, video surveillance, data tools, mobility options, and facility access management. This award-winning all-in-one platform is a go-to solution when choosing a unified communications platform.

The Grandstream UCM series of IP PBXs are ideal for an array of different businesses, including small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises. At an affordable price point, this on-premise solution is perfect for offices, call centers, hospitality environments, commercial properties, and residences.

The Grandstream UCM IP PBX series possesses a myriad of competitive features, including:

  • Support for 200 to 2000 users (dependent on model)
  • Automated provisioning of Grandstream endpoints through Zero Config and Auto Discovery
  • Easy integration with Grandstream Affinity CTI app, CRM, PMS, and other third-party software
  • SIP voice and video support
  • Built-in FXO and FXS ports: No need for an extra adaptor, gateway, or module
  • Dual Gigabit Ports with PoE+
  • No on-going costs, such as licensing fees that other manufacturers may charge
  • Free firmware upgrades for life
  • Built-in features, including call queue management, IVR, call detail records, and auto attendant
  • Strong security through SRTP, TLS, and HTTPS encryption
  • Heartbeat port and high-availability (Available for the UCM6510 model when utilizing the HA100 for a redundant system with full-time availability)
  • Two-year warranty with extended warranties available

UCM IP PBX Features

Grandstream has models that are perfect for different sized businesses and industries. Which device is best for your deployment, though? The table below illustrates the differences between the solutions, giving you the knowledge to make your IP PBX choice:

For more information on each of the models, visit their respective product pages (listed below) or contact the 888VoIP product experts at 888-864-7786 or [email protected] Our Channel Account Managers are fully trained on Grandstream solutions and can provide assistance in making your choice.


Did you miss our March UCM Training in Niagara Falls, NY? Keep checking our Events page or sign up for our e-newsletter to be alerted on upcoming Grandstream trainings in your area!

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Yealink Product Releases: W41P DECT Desk Phone & Repeater
Posted by Danielle Bucella on 10 April 2018 05:00 AM

Introducing the New Yealink W41P DECT Desk Phone

Yealink W41P

Desk phones possess an abundance of advantages, from the physical feeling of a substantial handset to their vast telephony features to a vibrant graphical user interface; however, they can lack the convenience of a cordless solution. To rectify this issue, Yealink developed the new W41P DECT Desk Phone. Users can now experience cordless mobility with a desk phone. This is made possible through the integration of the DD10K DECT Dongle. The DD10K and T41S IP Phone work concurrently with the Yealink W60B IP DECT Base Station, which allows users to create a system that enables portability and flexibility and also eliminates wiring troubles.

The system is truly plug-and-play with an impressively reduced deployment workload. Once you’ve connected your T41S to power, upgrade the software to be compatible with the DD10K. Once the phone is updated, plug the DD10K into the back of the phone. Wirelessly connect it to the W60B Base Station and your system will be ready to go.

Key Features Include:

  • Exceptional HD voice, handset, and speaker
  • Six line keys with a vivid LED indicator for feature customization
  • Up to 100 phonebook memory for easy contact management
  • 2.7″ 192×64-pixel screen display on the T41S
  • Easy installation without Wired LAN
  • Four context-sensitive “soft” keys
  • Support of up to eight DECT handsets in total (W60B)

The W41P is an ideal solution for SME offices, retail environments, restaurants, SOHO, and warehouses.

Meet the Newest DECT Repeater: the RT30

RT30 DECT RepeaterIn need of extending the DECT radio coverage of your base stations? Look no further than the RT30 DECT Repeater. The RT30 can be deployed to extend the Yealink W52P/W56P/W60P base stations significantly in all directions. The phone is characterized by its easy installation and user-friendly display concept. Signals will be communicated through the clear status LED display on the front of the elegantly designed unit.

Key Features Include:

  • Ability to add six repeaters per base station
  • Star connection
  • Up to two repeaters can be arranged in cascade
  • Supports HD voice calls
  • True plug & play setup
  • Clear status LED display
  • Wall-mountable

For more information on these Yealink products or to learn about other Yealink solutions, contact the 888VoIP expert team at 888-864-7786 or at [email protected] Also, view our vast selection of Yealink devices by visiting our Yealink Product Portal. Yealink offers uniquely innovative UC solutions that carry immense benefits for your customers, so become a partner today and add these cutting-edge products to your portfolio!

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