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Snom DECT Solutions: Which is Best For Your Industry?
Posted by Danielle Bucella on 30 January 2018 02:22 PM

Implementing Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) in any work environment can vastly improve communications. Mobility is the prime benefit of DECT, helping to free employees from being stuck at their workstations. Snom has developed a range of DECT solutions that ensure users experience an increased level of functionality, quality, and mobility. By choosing a Snom DECT solution, businesses will see a reduction in communication-related costs and an improved bottom line. These solutions utilize a dedicated frequency band that is less congested than alternatives, allowing for high-quality audio & secure communication encryption. There are ideal Snom DECT base station & handset options for many different industries. We explore which is best for different industries and office environments.

Snom DECT Base Stations Snom M700 Base Station

Upon beginning your search for a DECT base station, it is important to assess the features of each option. For smaller office environments, the Snom M300 single-cell DECT base station would be a sufficient choice. As part of the M325 DECT bundle, the M300 forms the base of this powerful telephony solution. Small businesses can run up to 20 handsets on the base station, providing each employee with access to a handset. The M300 will also provide enough coverage for the small office environment, ranging up to 50 meters indoors. Broader coverage is available by adding up to three Snom M5 repeaters.

For companies that require larger wireless coverage that expands across several floors or throughout a building, the M700 DECT multicell base station is perfect. This base station is easily scalable, expanding up to 254 m700 base stations and 1000 handsets. Scalability is made easy with over-the-air synchronization, as base stations will install themselves. The M700 and M300 are both based on Snom provisioning and are interoperable with all major VoIP IP PBX systems.

Snom DECT Handsets

Snom has developed handsets that address the day-to-day requirements for a variety of settings. The M Series offers three different handset solutions: the M25, M65, and M85. The M25 Office Handset is a cost-effective model designed specifically for smaller businesses. It is reliable, compact, and comfortable, providing up to 75 hours of standby and 7 hours of talk-time. The M25 can be easily configured for both the M700 multicell or M300 single-cell base station.

For customers requiring mobile coverage across several floors or in large buildings, the M65 Professional Handset would work best. Like the M25, this solution was created for professional telephony and is suited for fast-paced work environments. In addition to its sleek appearance and expansive feature set, the M65 can be used for heavy call loads. The lithium-ion battery can support 250 hours of standby and 17 hours of talk-time between charges. When using the handset with the M700 or M300 base, users will enjoy many of the features that they need, including voicemail, call lists, and caller ID.

Some work environments may be a bit more rugged, so Snom developed the M85 Industrial Handset. While it is suited for indoor professional settings, the M85 also performs outdoors or in hard-hat and industrial areas. It is shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof, and features a range of safety-related features. One of the newest features is the “Dead Man’s Feature.” Integrated position sensors detect if the handset is in an unusual position or has been motionless for an extended period of time. An emergency message will then be sent to assist an unconscious employee. The M85 also can be used to send and receive manual or automatic alarms in the event of an emergency. Topping off the M85’s safety features is the optional wrist loop. The pull-cord, attached to the phone, can be ripped from the handset in an emergency. An alarm will then be sent out.

Which Snom DECT Should You Choose?

Telephony requirements are going to vary between office environments and industries. Snom has recognized and addressed the needs of particular users. By choosing the correct Snom DECT solution, you can provide end users with the best equipment.

For traditional office environments – from accounting firms to CPG to marketing & design companies – it is best to choose a base station on the number of workers and size of office space. For offices with a small number of employees, the M300 bundle would suffice. If the physical office space were to increase due to a move or expansion, M5 repeaters could be added for additional coverage. For offices with more employees, multiple floors, or a larger footprint, the M800 would do the trick. Traditional offices would benefit from either the M25 or M65 handsets. If work functions gravitate around sales, claims, or customers service, the M65 with its longer talk time would be the best option.

Snom M65 DECT HandsetRetail businesses can reduce costs by moving to a single, virtualized UC network that incorporates mobility. These cost-effective solutions will help offset any decreases in sales & help boost profitability. Almost all retail environments should select the M700 base station with its widespread wireless coverage and scalability. For handsets, the M65 and M85 are perfect selections. Handset choice will be dependent on the level of dust, dirt, and water in the environment, as well as the need for safety features. Food-focused retailers would generally opt for the M85, while a clothing retailer would gravitate to the M65.

Upgrading and modernizing to VoIP will help those in the education industry save money and reduce maintenance costs. Simple and effective solutions are the best choice to handle busy times of the school year. The implementation of a Snom DECT solution will make sure that communication between students, educators, administration & parents is solid and consistent. When choosing a Snom wireless solution, those in education should select the M700 base station and M65 handsets.

Lastly, manufacturing can reduce costs with IP telephony mobile solutions, while ensuring that every floor of a factory has a phone. The mobile solution will also eliminate any issues that would arise from pocket & overhead pagers, as well as two-way radios. The M700 base station would be best for every factory setting. If employees are working indoors, outdoors, or both, they should definitely be using the M85 handset for its durability & safety features.

The Next Steps

Snom DECT solutions boast many features and benefits, including ease of setup & ease of use. Since Snom manufactures its own endpoint solutions, these high-end phones are competitively priced. Before adding these solutions to your product portfolio, contact 888VoIP about their Snom Sample Purchase Program. There will be little to no risk in testing out the solutions, making you aware of all the products’ features before they’re offered. The team at 888VoIP can also help provide you with more insight on other Snom products. It’s time to contact the 888VoIP team at 888-864-7786 or [email protected] for more information on these Snom DECT solutions.

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888VoIP & ITEXPO: What To Expect at Booth #507
Posted by Danielle Bucella on 25 January 2018 04:30 PM

If you haven’t booked your trip to Fort Lauderdale yet, it’s about time you did. With over 250 speakers, an abundance of trainings & workshops, networking events, and three days to peruse the exhibit hall, ITEXPO 2018 has it all for businesses, resellers, and service providers. To get a full, rich experience at the tradeshow, it is imperative for attendees to put together a game plan. While the ITEXPO schedule is a great place to start, you will only get a quick snapshot of what is available to explore. 888VoIP, located at Booth #507 the front entrance of the exhibit hall, should be one of your go-to stops during expo hours.

888VoIP Booth Highlights

Yealink’s Complete UC Solutions

One of the biggest names in the UC game will be featured in 888VoIP’s booth: Yealink. A complete overview of their product lines will be available, including the innovative CP920 and CP960conference phones, the T58V Smart Media Phone, W60P DECT solution, and IP phones from their T4 & T2 Series. Chat with 888VoIP’s in-house Yealink expert to learn more about these products, as well as Yealink Video Conferencing. With Yealink located one booth over at Booth #407, any and all of your Yealink inquiries should be quickly and completed answered. Yealink & 888VoIP will also be giving away prizes, so check the 888VoIP Twitter page during exhibit hall hours for more details.

Also displayed with Yealink will be CyberData’s SIP-enabled Video Outdoor Intercom, which can seamlessly integrate with the Yealink T58V – providing video door access control to an existing VoIP setup or as a point-to-point solution without needing an IP PBX.

Edgewater Cloud2Edge Complete

Known as the leader of Network Edge Orchestration, Edgewater Networks will be featured in the 888VoIP booth with a focus on their innovative new Cloud2Edge Complete solution. Cloud2Edge uses Network Edge Orchestration: a hybrid Cloud/Edge approach to security, service management, and analytics. The cloud-based Service Control Center provisions, configures, and manages edge solutions, while the Intelligent Edge solutions actively monitor, secure, and optimize service quality. This new solution offers an abundance of benefits to resellers, including the ability to manage all their devices across all customers from one point. ITEXPO is the perfect time to learn more about the affordable Cloud2Edge Complete, in addition to all of Edgewater Networks’ other IP-based communication solutions.

Yeastar PBX Solutions

For the first time, Yeastar will be featured at the 888VoIP booth. Yeastar provides VoIP PBX solutions that empower small to mid-sized businesses with simpler, more reliable, and cost-effective communications. Yeastar’s VoIP PBX is easy to use, with a fast installation and auto-configuration process, and possesses all of the features and capabilities a business would need. Whether Yeastar is familiar or new to you, check out the Yeastar section of 888VoIP’s booth. An expert Yeastar representative will be available to answer questions and teach you more about the company.

Patton SmartNodes & eSBC

Patton, experts in VoIP Gateways, eSBCs, and connectivity products, has been a staple manufacturer at the 888VoIP booth and 2018 will be no exception. Patton will be featuring some of their products, including a new VoIP Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA). The Patton team will be available at the 888VoIP booth to directly handle any of questions about their voice, networking, and data communication products.

Also Check Out: Networking After Dark

Make sure to visit 888VoIP at Booth #507, conveniently located at the entrance of the show hall. Also, keep your schedule clear for Thursday, February 5th to network over an open bar at the Networking After Dark Party. Show your badge and meet with 888VoIP, a party sponsor, who will be available to chat more about your VoIP distribution needs.

The 888VoIP team looks forward to seeing you at the Broward County Convention Center from 2/14-2/16 to discuss which VoIP conference phone, VoIP wireless phone, or VoIP business phone systems would be best for you. As a leading VoIP distributor, 888VoIP can help ensure that you have the top VoIP phone systems and software solutions.

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Yeastar and 888VoIP Announce U.S. Distribution Partnership
Posted by Danielle Bucella on 18 January 2018 10:00 AM

Yeastar (, a leading manufacturer of VoIP PBX systems and VoIP Gateways, announced it has entered into a distribution agreement with 888VoIP, a top distributor of VoIP solutions. This partnership will ensure Yeastar as a crucial vendor in the American VoIP market while enabling 888VoIP to further complete their product offering with remarkable telephony solutions.

Yeastar is committed to providing SMEs with cutting-edge, cost-effective, and high-performance networking products that meet their communication needs. These communication solutions equip small to mid-sized enterprises with a telephone system that is easy to manage, enables multi-site connectivity, and possesses advanced features. Yeastar’s business communication solutions empower customers worldwide to improve efficiency and reduce communication cost with new levels of quality and experience.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with one of the biggest IT solution providers in the United States,” said Allan Shen, CEO of Yeastar, “With Yeastar’s goals to expand further within the American market, we strongly believe that 888VoIP, a reliable and expert VoIP distributor, will help Yeastar increase the presence in the United States and even worldwide. With their offering of unbeatable support and service, we look forward to a continued and dynamic cooperation with 888VoIP.”

As a distributor of Yeastar solutions, 888VoIP will now be able to provide partners with Yeastar’s leading telecommunication products, which include:

  • S-Series VoIP PBX: Easy to manage, configure, and install, the feature-rich S-Series will enhance business communications
  • Upcoming Cloud PBX: A complete business communication system based in the cloud
  • VoIP Gateways: Advanced gateways to bridge the gap between different networks, reducing operational costs and delivering the convenience of traditional telephony circuits

“We are excited to add Yeastar’s innovative and feature-rich solutions to our product portfolio. By partnering with Yeastar, our customers will be provided with a new growth opportunity, helping them to accelerate their business goals,” said Dan Shurmatz, President of 888VoIP, “Additionally, Yeastar’s upcoming Cloud Solution will also enhance the Cloud & Security services already offered through 888VoIP by CloudCo Partner to support recurring revenue options for our resellers.”

With best-in-class VoIP products and top-level customer support, Yeastar is an important addition to 888VoIP distribution catalog of products. Current and future 888VoIP partners will not only have access to these cutting-edge Yeastar solutions but will also be able to utilize 888VoIP’s Channel Advantage program. This program offers partners a multitude of beneficial and invaluable services, including customizable provisioning, advanced API, technical support, tailored training programs, and full cycle logistics.

To learn more about Yeastar PBX and gateway products, contact 888VoIP’s expert team at 888-864-7786.

About 888VoIP

For over ten years, 888VoIP has been a worldwide leading distributor of VoIP hardware & software solutions. 888VoIP strives to provides managed service providers, value-added resellers, and integrators with everything they need to be successful, including hardware provisioning, order fulfillment, technical and sales support, custom marketing services, and training programs. For more information, please visit: or follow 888VoIP on Twitter at @888VoIP.

About Yeastar

Yeastar specializes in the design and development of innovative telecommunications equipment, including VoIP PBX systems and VoIP gateways for the SMB. Founded in 2006, Yeastar has established itself as a global leader in the telecommunications industry with a global partner network and over 100,000 customers worldwide. Yeastar products have been consistently recognized in the industry for their high performance and innovation. For more information about Yeastar or to become a Yeastar partner, please visit

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How Are VTech Phones Different from the Rest?
Posted by Tayllor Gomez-Spillane on 16 January 2018 10:00 AM

It is almost unimaginable that anyone in today’s telecom world would be unfamiliar with VTech. With over 40 years of experience in the phone industry, VTech has solidified its position as a leader in the consumer and hospitality phone markets.  While there are many different VoIP phone solutions available, why should resellers stock VTech products? There are a multitude of reasons that VTech phones are different than the rest.

Combining VTech & Snom’s Expertise

Since 1976, VTech has sold over 33 million wired and wireless handsets in 76 countries. Their satisfactory track record speaks volumes. In 2016, VTech acquired Snom Technology which combined VTech’s experience in telephony, engineering and manufacturing with Snom’s German pioneered VoIP development. The combination of the two powerhouses meant that a more innovative and diverse product portfolio could be delivered to the business market.

VTech also offers differentiating corporate services, from its dedicated presales support teams to its North America-based live post-sales technical support. Support for their products is upheld with best-in-class warranties, as well as Advanced Parts Replacement (APR). Instead of receiving refurbished parts, yours will be replaced with new ones.

Business Phones that Enhance Mobility

Employees do not want to feel chained down to their workspaces, and one of the best ways to ease up on this is by implementing a cordless/wireless solution. VTech has always had a strong focus on cordless solutions, especially for home phones. Their cordless business phones allow employees to experience high-quality sound, even at long ranges. The ErisTerminal® desksets use DECT 6.0 technology, making it easy to add a cordless option. Simply press one button and a handset or headset is paired.

Advanced Telephony Features

There’s no compromising when choosing a VTech business solution. The ErisTerminal Business SIP Phones deliver the PBX features and functionality that users are used to, as well as more. VTech business phones are compatible with hosted and open-source PBX platforms. Also, users can take advantage of its PoE capability, HD Audio G.722 wideband codec support, dual Ethernet ports, multi-line support, and easy programmable buttons.

Other interesting features include call recording. Using a micro SD card in the ErisTerminal SIP Deskset’s built-in port, it is easy to record calls that can be reviewed later for missed details or quality assurance. Mobility is also made possible – and even easier – with the deskset’s built-in DECT 6.0, which allows users to pair a compatible VTech cordless headset or handset. Experience hands-free mobility, as well as excellent sound quality.

The Scalable ErisStation® Conferencing Unit

The VCS752 VTech ErisStation conferencing unit is an ideal solution for businesses seeking a scalable conference phone. The conference solution itself is expandable with its wireless speakers and microphones, up to three per base unit. For businesses with small-scale collaboration of 6 to 9 participants, one VCS752 is ideal. A mid-scale collaboration scenario of 9 to 15 active participants would benefit from one ErisStation unit plus a VCS850, the ErisStation SIP DECT Expansion Wireless Speakerphone. Lastly, if a business generally includes 18 to 27 participants on each conference, add three VCS850 speakerphones with the VCS752 unit.

Market Leader in Hospitality Telephony

For hospitality markets, VTech has its own dedicated Hospitality division that features high-quality hospitality VoIP products and an expert sales and support team. VTech hotel phones are packed with the features and benefits both hotel management & guests are seeking, including: sleek designs to complement hotel interiors, both analog & SIP technology, cordless options with long talk time, USB charging ports for guests’ devices, and fully customizable faceplates & speed dials.

In high traffic hospitality environments, housekeeping staff faces a great challenge in fully eliminating bacteria and germs. Keeping this in mind, VTech hospitality phones are made from an antibacterial plastic along with an inorganic antibacterial agent, Zeomic®, to protect guests and stop 99.9% of the growth of bacteria, molds, and fungi. This is one of the biggest differentiators and selling points when looking to purchase a hospitality solution.

If you want to experience a whole new type of business or hospitality phone, VTech is for you. To learn more about VTech solutions, contact the specialists at 888VoIP at 888-864-7786. The expert team will give you the full rundown on VTech and Snom phones and help you learn how these solutions will enhance your business.

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The Best VoIP Solutions for the Millennial Manager
Posted by Danielle Bucella on 08 January 2018 03:28 PM

This should be old news, but in case it is not, millennials are quickly transforming the workplace. The needs and attitudes of millennial workers still differ from their older counterparts, and not all offices have addressed millennials and VoIP. In 2018, millennials are no longer the youngest workers in the office and are slowly transitioning into higher-ranking positions. In 2017, 20% of all leadership roles were held by millennial employees and growth is highly anticipated.  With this change, businesses need to ensure they are utilizing technology that is reflective of these millennial managers.

Millennials and VoIP: PBX with Mobile Clients

Millennials and VoIP: Phone Solutions


  • Skype for Business VoIP Phone: Skype for Business provides the millennial manager with a complete meeting solution that will enhance that collaboration they are seeking. Skype for Business provides Microsoft Office Apps, instant messaging, meeting recording, and the ability to create meetings for many participants. Allow employees to leverage the power of Skype for Business with a SFB-certified VoIP solution. Skype for Business firmware can quickly be added to certain phone models and will provide users with the SFB UI and features.


  • Solutions with Smartphone-like Interfaces: 98% of millennials own a smartphone and many in managerial roles are using that cell phone for business functions. The best IP phone experience for a millennial is one that mirrors that of a smartphone. Choose an IP Phone with an HD screen that has a similar interface and touch capabilities. This should also apply to the office’s VoIP conference phone. Many conference phones are gravitating towards a simplified solution that sports an intuitive UI. Since millennials shy away from using the phone altogether, they are more likely to utilize a solution if its like their smartphone.

Millennials and VoIP: Necessary Accessories

  • A Bluetooth Headset: Millennial managers and a desk chair are just not that compatible in 2018. They want to move around the office, even when on phone calls. If their smartphone can make that possible, their desk phone should, too. Enable mobility with one of the top VoIP accessories: a wireless headset. Opt for a headset that has a sleek, sophisticated, and modern design. Also, pick a model that comes with a space-saving docking station. The Sennheiser Presence is a compact solution that can easily be carried around – for those who work remotely at times or are traveling. For those looking for a full ear pad, the Sennheiser MB Pro 1 looks stylish, feels comfortable, and provides brilliant sound quality.


  • Expansion Modules: For those millennials who are managing high call coverage, provide them with an expansion module. It will only hinder their phone experience if they are not provided with easy access to additional programmable keys. Millennials are leery of desk phones, so provide them with a complete streamlined solution. Two fitting products would be the Snom D765 Desk Telephone, as it comes with advanced telephony features and a 3.5″ high-res color display, with the D7 Expansion Module.


The oldest members of Generation Z will now be entering the workplace, and these solutions will benefit them, too. New technology will present new challenges in learning and adaption, so do not forget the other employees in the office. It is imperative to educate all employees on new VoIP equipment, especially those not as tech savvy as millennials.

What’s Next?

To learn more about the VoIP business phone systems you can offer your millennial end users, contact the VoIP distribution specialists at 888-864-7786 or [email protected]

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Key Advantages of Choosing Hosted VoIP
Posted by Tayllor Gomez-Spillane on 18 December 2017 10:42 AM

Businesses have been faced with the challenge of choosing hosted PBX, hosted VoIP, or an on-premise VoIP that is internally hosted. To save IT dollars or to counteract having few internal IT resources, businesses of all sizes have been gravitating towards hosted VoIP. Hosted VoIP is a cloud-based phone system where a provider houses the IP PBX in their data center. The provider also handles service technology, calls, signaling, and features. The customer just needs to make sure their desk sets are connected to the internal network.

While there is an array of factors to assess when determining whether to choose hosted VoIP over on-premise, hosted VoIP does offer many different benefits that must be considered:

Easy to Manage

A hosted VoIP system is easy to manage since nearly all the management is done for you. Software updates and maintenance will be handled by the provider. Your internal IT team will only need to work with the service provider to ensure that service is working smoothly. Now your IT team can spend time working on other valuable projects.


No one truly knows how quickly their business is going to grow, but when it does, a hosted VoIP system can grow with it. Instead of having to install a new line or increase the network capacity, you will just increase your monthly fee. A higher monthly fee will ensure that you have the capacity that your business needs. The flexibility to scale a VoIP system with hosted VoIP is ideal for businesses that need short-term capacity throughout the year (i.e. for seasonal customer service, call centers, collections agencies).

Cost Savings

Overall, hosted VoIP can save businesses a good deal of money. The low setup cost eliminates large upfront costs. There is no need to make a large capital investment for a phone system or equipment. In turn, this also will rid businesses of having to pay maintenance fees on a system.

Instead, businesses pay a monthly fee to the server provider. Fees vary based upon the plan best suited for the company. These monthly fees allow it to become much easier to budget and plan for technology-related expenses. Also, since additional features are generally included in these fees, you will be dealing with only one monthly cost.

Always Up-To-Date

With an on-premise PBX, you have complete control of your solution, so you will upgrade your own system. While this offers great flexibility, new software releases will be costly and every addition will have to be managed by your internal IT team. With hosted VoIP, though, you will receive the latest and greatest software updates – with all new features being rolled out consistently. They will deploy the latest update to your users, so nothing else will need to be done on your end. Your team will always have the most up-to-date solution.

The implementation of any phone solution or system can be difficult, even after researching the benefits and considerations of hosted VoIP. To make decisions a bit easier, the VoIP specialists at 888VoIP can assist in this process. Learn about different hardware and software solutions – including VoIP business phone systems – by contacting the team at 888-864-7786 or [email protected]

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