How to create an XML phonebook for Yealink Phones
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Getting Started

In order to setup shared phonebooks, you will need to be able to create an XML file using a text editor such as Windows Notepad and be able to transfer this file to a web (HTTP) server.

Basic Configuration

Prepare the XML File.

The template below should be followed to create a file called phonebook.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

<xxxIPPhoneDirectory clearlight="true">
























The xxx value referred to above, is usually your company name, or the name of the server on your network hosting the finished xml file.

The <Telephone> number </Telephone> field supports three formats,

Each Contact, has a fixed format

  • <DirectoryEntry>
  • <Name>Support</Name>
  • <Telephone>[email protected]</Telephone>
  • </DirectoryEntry>

Keep the format the same and therefore do not change anything except modifying the content between <Name> and </Name> and also between <Telephone> and </Telephone>. The complete section between <Directory> and </Directory> defines just one contact.

For more contacts, add new sections in exactly the same format. When the file is complete, save it as phonebook.xml

Copy the XML file to your HTTP Server, using an FTP client or SFTP - upload the file into a world readable area on your webserver.

Configuring your handset to download the phonebook using the management GUI

Once logged into your phones web based interface, select Contacts followed by Remote phone book from the menu.

Enter the URL of where the phonebook.xml file is located , for example into the box under "Phone Book URL" and then enter a name under "Phone Book name", for example "Corporate Directory" and press Confirm.

On your handset, select Address Book and you will now see a new item called "Corporate", you can access your phone book by selecting "Corporate".

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