Discover the New Grandstream GWN.Cloud Networking Management Platform
Posted by Danielle Bucella on 02 April 2018 08:56 AM

Monitoring and managing your networking equipment can quickly become a headache and hassle, especially when dealing with multiple devices. To ease these processes, Grandstream’s has released a cloud controller for their WiFi Access Points: the GWN.Cloud. The GWN.Cloud is an enterprise-grade WiFi network management platform that allows users to oversee their GWN series APs. Installers and users can take advantage of quick deployment, which happens almost instantaneously after scanning the device’s barcode. Once the device has been deployed, users can then manage the APs using either a mobile app or web browser.

GWN.Cloud Feature Highlights

The GWN.Cloud provides easy network management, which is all thanks to streamlined monitoring and maintenance. Some of the greatest advantages of the platform include:

  • Centralized WiFi Management: With this platform, you can manage a WiFi network for an entire enterprise – not just one site. This allows for complete scalability and does away with any limitations on the number of sites or APs. Users can access the management platform from anywhere via the web or mobile app. An app is available for both iOS™ and Android™ and can be used to add APs and manage them.
  • Enterprise-Ready: This platform is not only a robust option for the SMB, but is also ready to handle the large-scale requirements of an enterprise. The system has extremely high reliability with 99.99% uptime.
  • Security: The platform was designed with security in mind. It features industry-leading bank-grade TLS encryption from end-to-end, as well as x.509 certificate-based authentication. Security is heightened even more with the strong features already embedded in Grandstream’s GWN WiFi APs.
  • Captive Portals: Design a custom landing page to collect customers’ access credential information. These portals can be integrated with Facebook, Twitter, or WeChat.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: You will receive real-time reports, alerts, and status information on all your linked APs.

How It Works

The process to set up GWN.Cloud is quite straightforward. Begin by creating an account on Once your account has been set up, effortlessly add your GWN series APs to the account by either scanning their barcodes with a mobile device or manually entering in the MAC address and default password for each AP.

Once your devices have been added, you will receive real-time access to all networks. The dashboard provides an overview summary that provides information on AP, clients, client count, bandwidth usage, and top clients/APs. You can view detailed reports on each network with historical reporting for up to a month. Also, view comprehensive reports on each AP or about each WiFi client. The charts and data are compiled in a clean, organized way that will be easily understood by any user.

Next Steps

Interested in trying out the Grandstream GWN.Cloud? Sign up for a free beta test by visiting Any users of the Grandstream GWN Series WiFi APs can partake in beta testing. For more information on Grandstream networking products or the GWN.Cloud, contact the 888VoIP expert team at 888-864-7786. We can assist you with all of your Grandstream distribution needs.

Download the GWN.Cloud datasheet for more information.

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Featured Product: Snom D785 IP Phone for Executives
Posted by Danielle Bucella on 26 March 2018 06:15 AM

Widely known as one of the top manufacturers of high-quality business phones, Snom combines superb audio and sophisticated software with German engineering. Now part of the VTech® family, Snom is making waves with its impressive 2018 product releases, including the D785. This cutting-edge solution sports all of the telephony features needed for communication to thrive in the workplace, including enhanced graphical capabilities and dynamic universal keys. The D785 rounds out the already substantial D700 line.

Meet the Snom D785

No executive workspace should be considered complete without the new Snom D785 IP phone. To ensure ease of use, Snom has improved their already outstanding display screen. Information is easily viewed on the high-res multi-color screen, equipped with a new graphic user interface. The crisp, clear, and modern UI is complemented by its own dedicated keys to quickly access DND, directory menu, call history, and call forwarding. A red LED light will indicate to users of a call, as well as a message waiting for them.

The phone’s second display can be used for extension monitoring and presence. This truly paperless screen is made up of four pages of six BLF-keys, allowing you to program a total of 24 BLF-keys. If more are needed, the D7 expansion module can be added with the capability to daisy-chain three.

The Snom D785 has dedicated dynamic universal keys that allow users to experience favorited features right out of the box: conference, silent mode, quick redial, and smart transfer. Silent Mode (DND) will allow users to be available in important cases without being hounded by other calls. This one-push function will provide users with a visual call indication, just in case they need to check who is calling. Smart Transfer, another hot feature, gives users the capability to transfer calls to a specific extension – or even their smartphone.

The Snom D785 is USB headset ready and also includes Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) support for wireless headsets, as well as built-in Bluetooth® compatibility. To increase mobility, the Snom D785 can be paired with the new wireless DECT headset, launching from VTech® in Spring 2018. This long-range, monaural headset will include an EHS/USB dongle with call control capabilities on both the base and headset itself.

Unprecedented audio quality is always at the forefront of any Snom solution. With the D785, audio quality is further augmented by the Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and acoustically optimized audio chamber. With over 20 years in the world of audio engineering, Snom is one of the only manufacturers with a dedicated sound room in their laboratory, enabling thorough sound testing.

The Snom Difference

For those only equipped with basic knowledge of Snom, there are a multitude of reasons why Snom is a VoIP game-changer. The reasons for choosing Snom over other options are vast, but some of the biggest highlights include:

  • Universal interoperability with leading PBX providers, including Yeastar and 3CX
  • Product stability, boasting a low RMA rate of < .05% and statistical return rate of approximately 38 years – far exceeding how long you would use a phone
  • Firmware with over 900 features and settings, available in 19 different languages
  • Ability to brand & customize the phone to fit your business needs – display your logo on the idle screen & change colors, icons, and backgrounds
  • Extreme security, further secured with individual SHA-2 certificates pre-installed, strong passwords, admin/SIP, and more
  • Easy deployment with out-of-the-box setup: Take the solution out of the box and the phone already knows who owns it
  • Competitive pricing because Snom actually manufacturers the phones

Looking for more information on the Snom D785? Visit the D785 Product Page and then contact one of the dedicated Account Managers from 888VoIP for pricing and purchase options.

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888VoIP and Peplink Announce Partnership
Posted by Danielle Bucella on 21 March 2018 07:00 AM

888VoIP, a top distributor of VoIP hardware and software solutions, has announced its partnership agreement with Peplink, an industry-leading manufacturer of high-performance networking solutions. Through this partnership, 888VoIP partners will gain a competitive edge by including Peplink’s range of exceptional, durable, and effortless solutions to their product mix.

Since its inception, Peplink has been producing a wide range of unbeatable networking solutions that are optimal for a variety of users, from the home office to enterprise-branch networks. By migrating to a Peplink SD-WAN solution, users have experienced an increase in bandwidth, higher WAN reliability, and cost savings. 888VoIP will offer all the Peplink solutions necessary to build a software-defined network that is both painless to configure and seamless to integrate.

Peplink Logo

“We are excited to add Peplink’s innovative and feature-rich solutions to our product portfolio,” said David Vance, Chief Business Development Officer at 888VoIP, “These products will provide more growth opportunities for current and future 888VoIP customers. With Peplink’s state-of-the-art equipment, our customers are going to have another way to enhance their offerings and propel their business in an ever-challenging market.”

As a distributor of Peplink solutions, 888VoIP will now be able to provide partners with Peplink’s cutting-edge suite of networking solutions, which include:

  • Balance Series Routers: Straightforward yet powerful routers, with ideal models for small offices with only one to 60 users all the way to large enterprises with thousands of users
  • SD Switch with modern cloud-based management and unbreakable power
  • Surf SOHO SMB Professional Grade Router that is secure, solid, and easy-to-use

“We at Peplink are proud and excited to be bringing our SD-WAN products and services to 888VoIP and their clients,” said Keith Chau, General Manager for Peplink, “We look forward to combining Peplink’s market-leading SD-WAN technology with 888VoIP’s commitment to quality connectivity in a continued effort to bring unbreakable, uninterrupted, jitter-free VoIP calls to all.”

Peplink is a significant addition to 888VoIP’s product catalog due to the immense benefits the solutions will offer 888VoIP partners. The networking manufacturer is known for products that are dependable and stable, rigorously tested in a dedicated software testing lab to beat users’ expectations for speed, reliability, and durability. Additionally, Peplink offers superior technical support, which has gained praise from customers in all industries. The physical construction of each product, along with a multitude of features, will appease the growing networking needs of users.

In conjunction with the new Peplink products, 888VoIP partners can also take advantage of 888VoIP’s Channel Advantage Program. This program allows partners to utilize an array of invaluable services that the 888VoIP expert team provides. These services include provisioning services, advanced API, technical support, marketing, training materials, and full cycle logistics.

To learn more about Peplink routers, access points, switches and more, contact 888VoIP’s expert team at 888-864-7786 or view the Peplink product offerings on 888VoIP’s Product Portal.

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Just Announced: Yealink Additional Discount Program for ITSPs
Posted by Danielle Bucella on 16 March 2018 12:15 PM

One of your 2018 objectives, as always, is to surpass your sales growth of the prior year. Yealink acknowledges that this is one of the top goals of ITSPs. To assist in promoting Yealink IP phones and ultimately to drive sales, Yealink has created an Additional Discount Program for North American ITSPs. Yealink is offering qualified ITSPs an additional discount of 1% off the current purchase price for new orders from Yealink distributors.

Effective through December 31st, 2018, ITSPs must meet the following qualifications:

  1. Sell & Promote: You (the ITSP) must promote or sell at least one model each of a Yealink conference phone, Yealink DECT IP Phone, and Yealink Desk Phone above the T46S (T46S, T48S, T49G, and T5S.)
  2. Purchase Minimums: Purchase a minimum of two sets each of the Yealink product lines mentioned above within the most recent quarter
  3. Marketing & Promotion: Include Yealink’s full series of IP phone (models above) product information and pictures into your online promotional activities (ex: newsletters, website landing page, product pages).
  4. If you are strategically not promoting any other vendors’ IP phone products online (ex: website, newsletters), then the 3rd term above will not apply to your qualification of the program.
  5. Training: You must be willing to participate in product training by Yealink distributors or Yealink.
  • If any of the promoted products are discontinued, you (the ITSP) will replace the item with the recommended superseding product. For example, when the CP860 goes end-of-life, the CP920 or CP960 needs to be updated online.
  • If the ITSP removes Yealink’s products from its online promotion after receiving the discount, Yealink reserves the right to take back the discount.

To apply for this program, ITSPs must submit an application form with website links of the Yealink product pages to Yealink or the local distributor. Yealink will then go about checking how the ITSP is promoting the products online (website) and also check purchase records from the POS report submitted on a monthly basis by the Yealink distributor. Once verified, Yealink will go about authorizing the distributor to offer the 1% discount off the current purchase price for the ITSP’s subsequent new orders.

Looking for access to the application form? Click here for more information and the form.

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5 Reasons VARs & SPs Need 888VoIP’s Channel Advantage
Posted by Danielle Bucella on 15 March 2018 11:37 AM

Competition is rising in every industry, and VoIP is no exception. As competition increases, it is imperative that VARs and SPs are fully prepared and staffed to accommodate and fulfill their customers’ needs. At times, though, it can be extremely difficult for these companies to handle every back-end process and procedures. When choosing a VoIP distributor, SPs, VARs, and Integrators should narrow in on those that are truly “value-added.” With a value-added distributor, companies do not merely have access to VoIP hardware and software solutions; they also have a suite of invaluable services at their disposal. As a leading distributor since 2006, 888VoIP knows that managed partners need to focus on their customers first. Because of that, we developed the 888VoIP Channel Advantage Program, which is comprised of all the tools and services that partners need to help propel the success of their business.

Why should you check out more about the Channel Advantage program? It benefits SP, VARs and Integrators in a multitude of ways. We look at five of the top reasons why VoIP businesses need to utilize this powerful program:

1.) Customizable Provisioning Capabilities

Proper device provisioning is crucial to solution success, yet most companies do not have the time to assemble and program their own VoIP devices. We offer our managed partners different provisioning packages, saving them time and ensuring that their devices are ready to go. Since provisioning isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” process, we offer three different provisioning packages to best suit partners’ needs:

  • Basic: We will unbox, power up, and point the device to a provisioning file on our partner’s server. This basic package also includes scanning and sending of the serial numbers and MAC addresses. Additionally, we will go ahead and add marketing inserts into the product boxes.
  • Advanced: Get all of the perks of the basic package, along with a custom profile upload to the devices. This will also include your choice of firmware and user profiles.
  • Custom: Reap the benefits of both the basic and advanced packages, but get even more with the custom option. We will also add on exclusive, customizable services, such as specific asset tagging, box labels, and device labels.

2.) Advanced API

Streamlining ordering processes or automatically generating configuration files for device provisioning can save time for any business. Our advanced ordering & provisioning API seamlessly connects with your existing ordering processes, ensuring that your hardware arrives correctly provisioned with your service platform. Our partners can initiate requests and receive responses regarding:

  • Retrieval of product lists, product inventories, and shipping quotes
  • Management of orders, order status, and ordered items
  • Provisioning information

Any users of our API will be able to take advantage of the Pingback Feature. Order information will be sent back to a specified URL in case of any order status changes. Pingback will also let users receive updated order information every time the sales team changes the Workflow State of an order.

Channel Advantage Tech Support3.) Ability to Leverage Knowledgeable Support Staff

You and your customers may be in need of support, and the technicians at 888VoIP are readily available to assist. Our technicians are highly trained, fully certified, and extremely knowledgeable, providing unbeatable pre-sales, post-sales, and product configuration support. All 888VoIP partners have access to our Silver Support, included with every order. The silver package offers business hour support with requests processed through the ticket center.

Sometimes you will need support when you least expect it and you may worry that technicians will not be available. Our support team offers Gold and Hourly Support packages, which allows you to rest assured that you can get service when you most need it. These packages offer quicker response time, extended support during evenings and on weekends, and help over the phone. To learn more about the details of each of the support packages offered, visit our Support page.

4.) Marketing Services You Usually Outsource

For new, small, or medium-sized VoIP businesses, internal marketing resources may be limited – and understandably so since the main staffing focus will be on sales and technicians. An option is then to outsource marketing, design, and advertising projects, which can be quite costly and time-consuming. Even larger businesses need marketing assistance, especially if they’re busy with millions of other tasks. We recognized that complementary or inexpensive marketing was a need of our partners, so we have included this as part of our Channel Advantage program. Our marketing team can assist with any of your marketing needs, ensuring that the designs are to your liking and fit with your business’ branding.

Having marketing materials that are coherent, professional, and properly branded is crucial. You want to make a great impression on your current and prospective customers, and marketing ensures that this happens. Educate your customers with a product box insert that is not only informative but matches the tone and feel of your company. It can also offer up other important information, such as your contact info or QR code to a corresponding training video.

888VoIP offers a plethora of marketing services, including flyers & brochures, product box inserts, how to & instructional guides, product box stickers & labels, tradeshow collateral, print and digital ad designs, direct mailers, business card designs, and more.

5.) Training & Education Programs for Internal Teams & Customers

Looking for easy and cost-effective training solutions that can be used to educate both your customers and your sales teams? 888VoIP is here to help with all your training needs. We can create custom training materials, in web-based or print-based formats, and we are also available to host webinars. If you are just looking for basic information on a product or manufacturer, we also host an array of webinars each month which are open to anyone. Attend these webinars in real-time or visit our on-demand webinar site after the fact as a training tool. We are also happy to provide any of our active partners with access to the decks that we use during our webinars. To view our latest webinars, visit our On-Demand Webinar page.

We have named just a few of the benefits of our Channel Advantage program; however, there are many more, including inventory management, order fulfillment, and RMA services. Now is the time to go ahead and learn more about this program and why you need to take part in it. To get more information, visit our Channel Advantage page and then contact the 888VoIP sales team at 888-864-7786. Our Account Managers will walk you through every aspect of the program and determine what aspects your business needs to utilize.

Also, listen to our latest Telecom Reseller podcast from ITEXPO 2018. David Vance, a Partner and Chief Business Development Officer at 888VoIP, provides an overview of the Channel Advantage program and also highlights some of the other big changes that have been happening here:

888VoIP Channel Advantage

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888VoIP Named as a Yealink Platinum Distributor
Posted by Danielle Bucella on 09 March 2018 06:00 AM

For the sixth consecutive year, Yealink, a leading Unified Communication solution provider, has named 888VoIP as a Platinum Distributor. 888VoIP received this designation due to unwavering commitment and dedication to Yealink throughout 2017. By emphasizing partner support, provisioning capabilities, imperative support programs, and thorough attention to customers’ needs, 888VoIP has been able to successfully distribute Yealink products. 888VoIP’s consistently growing channel of Resellers, Service Providers, and Integrators has also assisted in the obtainment of this Platinum Distribution distinction

“We are again honored to be recognized as a Yealink Platinum Distributor for the sixth consecutive year,” said John Molino, CEO of American Technologies, LLC., “Our focus on working together with Yealink and paying attention to the needs of our customers is key to our continued success.”

888VoIP carries a vast array of Yealink solutions, including the innovative CP960 conference phone, high-performance W60P DECT IP phone system, and sophisticated T5 Smart Media Phone Series. Yealink has continuously added advanced technologies to their product mix, which have met and surpassed the ever-changing needs of 888VoIP partners. Based upon the past success of this partnership, 888VoIP foresees strong continued success with Yealink in 2018 and beyond.

In addition to the wide range of Yealink products available through 888VoIP, the distributor also offers managed partners access to their Channel Advantage Program. Channel Advantage allows partners to focus on their customers while 888VoIP’s knowledgeable expert team handles back-end procedures and processes. Channel Advantage services include provisioning, technical support, advanced API, training and education programs, full cycle logistics, and customized marketing materials.

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