Officially Released: Yeastar Linkus UC App
Posted by Danielle Bucella on 25 September 2018 04:06 PM

Beta is officially over and now the new Linkus Unified Communications App is ready to roll. Yeastar has announced the official release of Linkus, which will add UC&C capabilities to its S-Series VoIP PBX and Cloud PBX. Linkus will be available on both Windows desktops and smartphones (iOS & Android). Business associates will now have access to presence, instant messaging, CRM integration, and other advanced call handling features that will further productivity. Over the course of the past two months, Yeastar has expertly designed and developed Linkus, ensuring it brings about improved call quality and reliability. The UI is simple and easy-to-use with its compact design, which will enrich interactions within and amongst workplaces.

Benefits & Features of Linkus

To put it simply: Linkus will improve your entire communications experience. With Linkus, you will be able to:

  • Bring Your Extension With You: By downloading Linkus, you can efficiently make and receive VoIP calls on your computer and mobile device. You can use your business extension and take advantage of all the office extension features. You will benefit from true “one number reach,” keeping your personal number private and giving you access to both the corporate directory and your personal contacts.
  • Manage & Control Calls: Linkus offers a variety of management and control features, including transfer, hold, mute, and record. The intuitive user interface (UI) also makes it easy to view missed calls, check call history, management voicemails, and access your recordings. Additionally, set up call forwarding rules and ring strategies easily in the settings on Linkus.
  • Collaboration: With the extension list, you will be provided with an overview of your corporate directory. The list will also display your colleague’s presence status (available, offline, away, on-a-call, DND, etc.). Need to chat with an associate that’s currently on a call? Initiate a chat with just a few clicks. You can also initiate a group chat. Seamlessly communicate with your CRM contacts (Google, Outlook) and enjoy call-popup and call journal on the Linkus Desktop Client.

A full feature set list is available by downloading the Linkus Datasheet.

With Linkus, real-time communication is now available and easy across multiple devices. You can bring your extension with you!

Get Linkus Today

Currently, you can get Linkus for Android, iPhone, and Windows with a macOS version coming soon! Click one of the corresponding icons to download today!


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Why Should Service Providers Use Patton Cloud?
Posted by Danielle Bucella on 24 September 2018 04:17 PM

As a Service Provider, you want to ensure that you possess the proper tools and platforms to provide your customers with the best experience. Patton has released its revolutionary service, the Patton Cloud, that accelerates and aids SPs in making the transition to converged ALL-IP networking, IoT, and telephony services.

Traditionally, it has been challenging to efficiently deliver quality, security, manageability, and flexibility of these next-generation services, especially when trying to control costs. Many issues needed to be addressed at the edge of the subscriber’s network, while SIP trunks, UC, and UCaaS have provided their own technical challenges and headaches. Unfortunately, not all Service Providers have the bandwidth and capabilities to address the multitude of customer problems that may arise. How does one overcome these many challenges?

Patton has developed a cloud solution to do just that. The Patton Cloud has been designed to solve the complicated and taxing problems of customers while decreasing costs and improving profitability at the same time! Patton’s “Cloud-to-Edge” Service Plans provide you with a centralized interface that enables management, monitoring, security, alerting, troubleshoot, analyzing, and more! You can do all of this by leveraging a SmartNode that has been installed on the customer premise. By connecting a SmartNode to the Patton Cloud, you can receive pertinent insight as to what is happening with connectivity, networking, quality, and services. There are also views of device health, call loads, status, and more.

All of Patton Cloud’s capabilities can be performed remotely and in real-time, leveraging insightful diagnostics that are available at the edge (when using a SmartNode). Patton Cloud also will provide remote configuration, zero touch provisioning, monitoring, reporting, and the ability to deploy mass software upgrades. Use the Patton Cloud to control SmartNode devices for license and firmware management. Any SmartNode CPE that is powered by the Patton Cloud can be scaled, transformed, or re-purposed just by switching on new security and routing protocols, TDM channels, SIP sessions, or NFV/SD-WAN support. Network orchestration is now both efficient and cost-effective.

The Patton Cloud will integrate smoothly with your existing network-management system, processes, and workflows. Plus, it uses a Restful API so its services can be integrated with third-party clouds or OSS/BSS platforms.

Why Do Service Providers Need Patton Cloud?

By utilizing Patton Cloud, you will be simplifying edge services, hosted telephony, SIP trunking, security, and IoT cloud connectivity. Utilizing the cloud will make these services accessible, as well as easier to deploy and manage. This new service will deliver Multi-WAN & TDM survivability, hybrid TDM & SIP trunking, edge routing, security (TLS/SRTP, SIP firewall), NAT/DHCP, ALG/B2BUA, voice quality & QoS, and policy routing/traffic shaping.

Features & Benefits of Patton Cloud

  • Centralized Portal: One single portal that will allow SPs to provision, manage, monitor, secure, alert, troubleshoot, analyze AND optimize CPE devices, licenses, and value-added services
  • Simple Processes: With just a few clicks, you can automatically provision services, troubleshoot, manage, and upgrade devices
  • Protection: The service provides a secure and managed OTT service demarcation, delivering converged voice & data network protection
  • Profitability: Subscriber onboarding and delivery of support/SLA services are simplified. The platform also allows for the sale of additional licenses and new services.
  • Interoperable: SmartNode CPE devices are certified for use with leading Softswitch, PBX, and IP Phone brands.
  • Cost Savings: Low annual fee services levels with an array of FREE offerings

Which Patton Cloud Service Do I Need?

Your 888VoIP Channel Manager can help assess which Patton Cloud online service plan is best for you. View the basic details of each plan here:

Patton Cloud Plans from 888VoIP

Learn More about Patton Cloud

Right now, you can sign up for a FREE 30-day trial of the Patton Cloud: Professional Edition. Click here to get your trial or contact your 888VoIP Account Manager at 888-864-7786 for more details.

Read the Press Release for additional details from the Patton team.

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Getting Started: The Grandstream GDS Door System Series
Posted by Danielle Bucella on 13 September 2018 10:25 AM

Regardless of whether your customer is a business, apartment complex, warehouse facility, school, hotel, or medical office, physical security and facility access are important. Most businesses need a device that tracks, manages, monitors, and restricts access to a physical building. The Grandstream GDS series of IP Door Systems will be a security game-changer for any customer. These devices provide access and security to buildings through a built-in intercom, IP video surveillance camera, keyless entry, and other state-of-the-art features.

GDS Environments

Main Features of the GDS Series

The main functionality of the GDS Series is to track and manage access to rooms and facilities. The GDS device utilizes RFID cards and fobs, as well as PIN codes, to allow access into secured areas. When paired with the free GDS management software (GDS Manager), administrators can create and manage these RFID permissions. Admins can also set time rules and schedules, as well as track any and all activity.

The GDS3710 also acts as a powerful audio and video intercom when paired with any of Grandstream’s IP voice and video telephony solutions. The camera on the GDS3710 features a 180-degree hemispheric camera, which allows the device to act as a security gatekeeper. Video from the GDS3710 can be viewed by any admin who it utilizing the free GDS Manager software.

Weather is unpredictable and needs to be a consideration when choosing any device that may be utilized outdoors. The GDS series was built with weatherproof and vandal resistant casing, protecting it in any weather condition and environment. The devices perform optimally in temperatures ranging from -30 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius.

Which GDS Model is best for your customer?

Before choosing a GDS model, one must determine whether the device needs to have video and audio or just video. If your customer needs their access device to act as a surveillance camera, the GDS3710 is the right choice. This IP Video Door System not only serves as an intercom but also as an HD IP surveillance camera. It features a built-in 180 degree, 1080p HD hemispheric camera, built-in RFID chip reader, built-in microphone and speaker, and alarm-in/alarm-out support for integration with existing security devices. Video is crisp and clear even during the evening and nighttime hours thanks to the white LEDs with smart brightness control. The casing is made out of zinc alloy aluminum, making it weatherproof and vandal-resistant.

If your customer is in the market for an audio-only device, the upcoming GDS3705 is the top choice. This strong audio-only access and monitoring solution is great for any size deployment. The system offers intercom functionality, as well as secured keyless or key entry. It comes equipped with weatherproof and vandal resistant zinc alloy metal casing and also features alarm-in/alarm-out integration.

Comparing Grandstream GDS Models

Integrating the GDS Series with Grandstream Devices

GDS3710By integrating the GDS series with other Grandstream solutions, your customers can build powerful facility access management solutions. The integration allows the GDS series to alert Grandstream IP phones through SIP calls when certain security events occur, such as motion is detected on the GDS3710.

The GXV Series IP Video Phones for Android™ work as a video intercom with the GDS3710. The 7″ 1024×600 touchscreen is ideal for watching live video feed from the intercom. The GXV phone can also receive calls from and place calls to the GDS devices, open doors with one touch, and receive security alerts.

For both audio and video, there is a GXP high-end IP phone that works flawlessly. These phones act as an audio intercom with any of the GDS devices, while the GXP21XX can receive video snapshots from the GDS3710. Like the Android Video Phones, the GXP phones can also open doors with one touch and receive security alerts.

Mobile solutions also work with the GDS devices. The WP Series (WiFi) and DP Series (DECT) Cordless IP phones work as an audio intercom with GDS. They also offer wireless control of the GDS, open doors with one key, and receive security alerts. For those who prefer to utilize their smartphone, users can download the Grandstream Wave Softphone app. This app allows your own device to work as an audio and video intercom. It also possesses the same capabilities as the other compatible Grandstream devices.

GDS Series Accessories

Get more from your GDS Door System by pairing it with complementary accessories (purchased separately).

  • USB RFID Card Reader: This compact, sleek card reader can be installed anywhere. Connect the reader via USB to a computer running the GDS Manager software and you can easily track, monitor, and manage all reader activity.
  • RFID Card: These non-writable proximity induction cards are easy to set up and even easier to use.
  • RFID Key Fob: These non-writable proximity induction fobs are a great alternative to traditional RFID cards
  • In-Wall Mounting Kit: This in-wall mounting kit offers a flush mount within a wall rather than on the surface of a wall. It supports solid wall, stud, and drywall installation and should be installed with the bottom of the device at least 50-55″ above ground.

Grandstream’s GDS Series will exceed your customers’ expectations of a Video or Audio Door Phone. To learn more about the series and other Grandstream solutions, contact 888VoIP at 888-864-7786. Your dedicated Account Manager can educate you further on these devices, as well as Grandstream’s upcoming GDS3705 and WP802 WiFi Cordless IP Phone.

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The Advantages of Leasing Yealink: The New DaaS Program
Posted by Danielle Bucella on 06 September 2018 11:25 AM

The reality of paying a hefty up-front cost on VoIP equipment can be cringe-worthy. To minimize that reaction from your customers, Yealink DaaS you need to implement a monthly OpEx option: leasing. With the Yealink Device as a Service (DaaS) program, Service Providers can now supply end-users with a turnkey, single monthly platform. DaaS eliminates those high upfront hardware costs (CapEx) and replaces them with a monthly rental price. Instead of selling hardware and services, Service Providers are now fully in charge of selling a platform.

Features of Yealink’s DaaS Program

With the Yealink DaaS program, you can now offer end users the ability to rent hardware on a month-to-month basis with the option to cancel at any point. For convenience, as well as a reduced cost, lease terms (12/24/36 months) are available. CSC Leasing and 888VoIP will provide the ITSP with standard rates and also handle other backend processes, including ordering and procurement. The ITSP is only responsible for determining their rate markup and billing the end user.

Yealink DaaS ProcessTo get started, the ITSP will provide quotes to the leasing company. CSC Leasing will then contact 888VoIP and put in an order with our sales team. Rental documents will be executed while 888VoIP ships the equipment to the ITSP. Once the equipment is delivered, monthly billing to the end-user customer can begin.

CSC Leasing assists with credit and support. CSC will provide pre-approved credit lines based on your estimated quarterly volume. Additionally, support is available for all your orders. A dedicated account manager and deal administrator will be assigned to your account. No need to worry about sitting on hold while you contact a call center. CSC does not do call centers, so you are guaranteed to experience a seamless ordering and service experience.

888VoIP offers a variety of different Yealink solutions through the DaaS program, including:

  • Entry, Mid-Tier, Professional, and Enterprise IP Phones
  • Conference Phones
  • Smart Media Phones
  • Touch Screen Phones
  • DECT Handsets and Base Stations
  • DECT Repeaters
  • Expansion Modules
  • Add-On Cameras

Why Choose DaaS?

Customers are already dealing with an array of tasks and headaches on a daily basis. Phone hardware should not be one of them. By embracing the DaaS model, you are now offering your customers with low-risk, cancelable rental terms or fixed lease options. Both the ITSP and end-user base will benefit from the DaaS platform’s flexibility.

Other key benefits include:

  • Elimination and avoidance of big upfront costs
  • Elimination of commitment and ownership risk
  • Mitigate the IT obsolescence curve
  • Ability to deliver and plan for repeatable margin
  • Complementing monthly recurring revenue models
  • Simplification of the pricing equation

Your customers will applaud the reduction of upfront equipment costs. They’ll also be pleased with the ability to consistently rent the newest and most innovative devices from Yealink. Due to the flexible lease terms, they will not be “sitting” on outdated equipment. Customers will no longer have to worry about how they will pay to purchase new phones when theirs become obsolete or worn. By not owning too much equipment, they can quickly and affordably lease the latest from Yealink. The CapEx financial hurdle will be a thing of the past.

888VoIP Channel Advantage and Fulfillment

Next Steps

Interested in learning more about Yealink DaaS? Contact your 888VoIP Account Manager at 888-864-7786 for more details. To further enhance your DaaS experience, utilize 888VoIP’s Channel Advantage program: a full suite of logistics services, plus included access to training, tech support, marketing, and more!


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888VoIP Announces New West Coast Distribution Facility
Posted by Danielle Bucella on 05 September 2018 10:00 AM

888VoIP Reno Facility

888VoIP, a top distributor of VoIP hardware and software solutions, has announced today the recent investment and expansion in a second distribution facility in Reno, Nevada. The need for this additional space comes as a response to continual business growth, the addition of new manufacturers, and development of West Coast markets. The operational expansion will benefit both 888VoIP and partners alike.

With the new Reno facility, companywide warehouse and provisioning space will have tripled over the past three years. The new warehouse includes state-of-the-art provisioning equipment and will house products from top manufacturer partners such as Yealink. Additionally, the expansion will incorporate connecting office space, acting as the base for West Coast sales and logistics team members. The Reno office will work in conjunction with the home office in Elma, New York to provide customers nationwide with impeccable service.

“We listened to our partners when they expressed the need for a West Coast facility and this is our response,” said John Molino, CEO of 888VoIP, “The Reno expansion is a true testament to our commitment towards helping our partners grow and succeed.”

888VoIP Reno Shipping MapBoth current and prospective 888VoIP partners will be able to utilize this new warehouse to increase business opportunities. Reflective of growing customer demand, West Coast partners will have access to speedier shipping, full provisioning services, and efficient logistical processes. This new facility will now allow 888VoIP to reach 85% of the West Coast in two days with one and two-day truck service. With this conveniently located space, 888VoIP partners will be able to increase sales and revenue by acquiring new West Coast customers and fulfilling these customers’ needs in a timely fashion.

“The benefits will be immense, including our new ability to fulfill shipping, provisioning, and support needs of West Coast markets,” said Dan Shurmatz, President of 888VoIP, “This is just another step in expanding the reach and capabilities of 888VoIP.”

Whether on the East or West Coast, all 888VoIP partners have access to the same extensive manufacturer and product portfolio. To complement the vast product offerings, partners are also able to utilize the Channel Advantage program. This program transforms service provider operations, as 888VoIP team members assist partners with provisioning, fulfillment, advanced API, technical support, marketing, and more.

To learn more about the new West Coast warehouse and how it can benefit your VoIP business, call 888VoIP at 888-864-7786.

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How Polycom® Acoustic Fence™ Revolutionizes Call Quality & Clarity
Posted by Danielle Bucella on 21 August 2018 02:37 PM

Background noise is one of the biggest deterrents of an effective phone call. Often times, associates find themselves scurrying into an unoccupied conference room, break area, or even their car when taking or making an important call. This disables them from conducting a fully productive meeting, which should have been held conveniently at their desk or work space. Polycom® knew that background noise was one of the biggest concerns for call quality and developed the Polycom® Acoustic Fence™ to improve voice clarity.

How does the Polycom Acoustic Fence work?

Polycom Acoustic Fence has been designed to keep business conversations free from distracting background noises by dramatically improving upon voice clarity. An advanced echo cancellation technique automatically reduces background noises, including co-workers’ talking, machinery, music, etc. This technique will cancel out all soundwaves except for the actual speaker’s voice. Polycom Acoustic Fence creates a virtual “audio fence” with its microphones so that any sound that is outside of that fence is blocked from being heard by call participants. In the end, all that is heard is the speaker, so meetings are infinitely more productive.

Acoustic Fence includes two different elements that often work in conjunction with one another:

  • Smart Gating: This function closes the microphones whenever sound from only outside of the “fence” is detected
  • Spectral Subtraction: This function reduces or even eliminates sounds that are originating from outside of the “fence”

The VVX Acoustic Fence technology boasts an array of benefits, but some of the biggest are reduced frustration levels, reduced call duration, and increased productivity. With Polycom Acoustic Fence, the call participant will hear you and only you. Frustration will be greatly reduced for both you and participants, as participants will not have to interrupt the conversation to ask you to repeat yourself. Fewer interruptions will lead to shorter call durations, which is extremely important in call center environments and busy offices. In turn, calls become more productive. They’re quicker, clearer, and more efficient. Plus, you’re left with extra time to handle other important matters or to make additional calls.

Demonstrating Polycom Acoustic Fence

Just reading about Acoustic Fence does not completely do the technology justice. Experience how this technology limits the pickup of microphone audio during a simulated “zombie apocalypse.” The call will only pick up the speaker’s voice — omitting any background noise (in this case, zombies).

For an in-depth evaluation of Polycom Acoustic Fence, as well as Polycom NoiseBlock™, read the full white paper by Wainhouse Research. Wainhouse Research conducted hands-on testing of both innovative audio capabilities. Their research yielded outstanding results when it came to dealing with unwanted noise during a call.

Learn More

888VoIP recently announced the addition of Polycom to its manufacturer portfolio. Contact your 888VoIP sales representative to learn more about all of Polycom’s solutions. Want to learn more about Polycom Acoustic Fence? Our sales and technical support team are ready to speak with you! Polycom Acoustic Fence is available on Polycom VVX IP phones, RealPresence Group Series video systems, and more. Talk to our expert team at 888-864-7786 to get more information on all models with Acoustic Fence.

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