What Can You Do with an 8-FXO VoIP Device?
Posted by Danielle Bucella on 21 February 2019 10:00 AM

Lately, customers have been demanding an on-premise VoIP gateway with eight FXO ports. In response, Patton developed three different models of these analog-trunking devices. Can you guess why people wanted it?

8 FXO Application

There is something special about the dual-Ethernet gateways: they can morph into enterprise session border controllers (eSBCs) when the business decides to go All-IP

Patton has been making analog trunking gateways for decades. Our menu of on-premise VoIP devices offers VoIP solutions for SMBs that need 8 FXO trunks to connect with a SIP PBX (a.ka. IP PBX). These new guys are perfect for delivering first-line analog POTS connectivity or analog fallback and survivability for an on-premise All-IP enterprise telephony system.

So here’s why the people wanted it.

For a small business or non-profit that requires eight concurrent analog calls or a mix of 16 simultaneous BRI/FXO calls, an 8-FXO VoIP gateway can be used to deliver the following useful services…

  • First-line analog trunks with any on-premise SIP PBX, including the likes of 3CX, Avaya, Asterisk, RingCentral, Mitel, Panasonic, and many others
  • Future-proof IP telephony (with analog trunks) with a seamless migration path to SIP trunking or hosted telephony
  • Hybrid analog and IP telephony with a SIP trunk and up to 8 analog FXO connections for PSTN breakout, fallback, and system survivability
  • Connectivity support for legacy devices: fax machines, analog phones, BRI phones, etc.

Here are the three new product lines Patton came up with for customers. . .

  • Analog Trunking VoIP gateway – field-upgradeable to eSBC
  • All-IP enterprise session border controller (eSBC) with 8 analog FXS/FXO interfaces for legacy device connections and/or PSTN Fallback
  • Digital-Analog Hybrid eSBC and Router – 16-call hybrid CPE with a mix of FXS, FXO, and BRI-So portsHybrid 8-FXO/4-BRI application

The recently released Patton Cloud service will provides remote license-key and additional element management functions for all Patton devices. Looking to learn more about Patton Electronics? Contact the 888VoIP sales team at [email protected] or by calling 888-864-7786.

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