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How to Program keys on a Polycom IP Phone

Polycom phones support speed dial configuration via the phone's interface.

Configure Speed Dial Keys

   1. Press Menu

   2. Press 1 Features

   3. Press 1 Contact Directory

   4. Press Add

   5. Fill out the settings

         1. Scenario #1 - Speed Dial an Employee

         2. Fill out the Employees First and Last name in the appropriate fields

         3. Type in the Employee's extension in the Contact field

         4. Leave the Speed Dial Index at the default value (increments automatically)

         5. Press Save

         6. The configured speed dial will appear as Line 2 (for the first contact) and increment with each new configured speed dial (Line 3, Line 4, etc)

         7. Scenario #2 - Speed Dial Park/Voicemail/Other System Extension

         8. For First and Last name - enter whatever text will help you easily identify the speed dial function (e.g. if you want to speed dial Park, type in Park and leave the other

             name field blank)

         9. Type in the system extension (Park = 9000, Voicemail = 8555, Group Intercom = *74+Group Extension, etc.).  Remember you can only type in ONE extension per

             speed dial key

        10. Press Save

        11. The configured speed dial will appear as Line 2 (for the first key) and increment with each new configured speed dial

   6. When you are finished configuring all your speed dial keys, press the Menu button to return to the default screen

Executing a Speed Dial

   1. Press the button - the phone will dial the extension you configured.

Executing a Speed Dial to a System Extension

Customers commonly wish to speed dial Park.  Once you setup Park as a speed dial on your phone, you can quickly transfer callers to Park via the following sequence:

   1. Press the softkey Txfr (may be labeled Trnsfer on some versions of Polycom firmware)

   2. Press the Park speed dial key you previously configured

   3. Listen for the Parking extension

   4. Hangup

   5. Inform the destination party of the parked extension

   6. That person should dial that extension (e.g. 9001) from their own phone to reconnect with the caller

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