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How to Install Firmware on a Polycom Phone

1)    Power down your Polycom Telephone System.

2)    Download newest Polycom Firmware and Launch Pumpkin TFTP Program

2a.    Download and Install Pumpkin (

2b.    To download the newest firmware, visit the support downloads site at and following the Downloads link.

2c.    Browse to the Polycom section and download the Firmware Update for your model of IP telephone.  Save and Unzip the File to your local firmware directory

2d.    Run the Pumpkin Program from its installed directory.

2e.    Once the Program is open. Click the Options button.  This will open an option tab.

2f.    Set the TFTP File system Root to your Firmware directory.  Select the “Give files” and “take files” options.  Apply the settings and select “OK” to return to Pumpkin.  Ensure   the Pumpkin Server is running by verifying in the bottom right corner of the Pumpkin window.

3)    Power on your Polycom Telephone System.

4)    As the unit initializes, you will be given the option to Start, go to Setup, or Exit.  Chose the setup option on the telephone.

a.    When prompted enter your administrator password.  The default Polycom Password is 456.

5)    You will then be taken to a setup menu.  Scroll down and select the SERVER MENU option. 

6)    Once inside the SERVER MENU, select the SERVER TYPE option and change it to TRIVIAL FTP.  Save your choice and scroll down to the SERVER ADDERESS option.  Enter the IP of the Computer running your Pumpkin Server. 

7)    To save your changes, continue to select exit until you are prompted to save or discard your changes.  Select the SAVE AND REBOOT option.

8)    Your Polycom Telephone will reboot and begin to update. This will take as long as fifteen to thirty minutes. 

9)    Congratulations, you have completed the loading of firmware on your Polycom Telephone system!

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