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Hot Desking/Dynamic Agents

This allows a single user to have multiple devices with the same phone number. It also allows a single device to be used by multiple users in a hot desk style environment, where a user logs into the device resulting in it becoming their phone.

From the CLI navigate to Asterisk directory.

With your prefered editor ( i like joe or nano ) open amportal.conf and find the following:

# AMPEXTENSIONS: the type of view for extensions admin

# If set to 'deviceanduser' Devices and Users will be administered seperately, and Users will be able to "login" to devices.

# If set to 'extensions' Devices and Users will me administered in a single screen.


Change the value from extensions to deviceanduser like so:


Save and exit.

Now we need to restart asterisk and amportal. From CLI i use the following command

amportal restart

Login to the webui, and create a user. Complete the form to your needs. Be sure that you supply a password in the User Password field. Now that we have a user, submit the changes.

Now we need to create a device. Under Device Options: Provide a password. Under Device Info: Supply a device ID and Description. For device type, select Adhoc. For default user select: none.

Now that we have a device, submit the changes and reload. The user and device has been created. Now, onto the queue. For creation of the Queue, please refer here<>

Place the ID of the USER into the static agents field. Now that we have a queue, submit the changes and reload.

On the Device, place a call to *11, when prompted, enter your USER Extension, next it will ask for a password, enter the USER password. Your User is now an Agent in the Queue.To logout, simply dial *12

So, with this configuration you should have a device that a user can login or out of at will.

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