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Configuration Guide: Adjusting the Contrast on Polycom IP Series Expansion Modules

Overview: In this guide, we will show you how to adjust the contrast of your expansion module. Sometimes the expansion module may appear to be defective, because it is very light or dark, compared to the phone. This is because the expansion modules contrast, adjust separately from the phone. 


Configuration Guide: To use the expansion module with your device, please make sure it is on the proper firmware. Adjusting the contrast is done in six simple steps.


Step 1: After powering on your device, Please navigate to the phones Menu options.


Step 2: Then use the down arrow to navigate to "Settings" and press the check mark button, for ok.


Step 3: Press the check mark button again, while "Basic" is highlighted.


Step 4: Press the down arrow to select "Contrast", and press the check mark button.


Step 5: Here you will see "UP" and "Down" on the expansion module. Please use the buttons directly to the right of these words. These will adjust the expansion modules contrast, separately from the phone.

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