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Crafting a Business VoIP Solution

Crafting a Business VoIP Solution

Here are some questions that need to be asked when you are considering implementing a Business Voip Solution

1.) How many offices are you trying to connect - where are they located?

2.) What type of phone lines do you have at each location?

3.) What type of internet connection do you have at each location?

4.) How many phones are at each location?

5.) What existing network / phone equipment do you have?

6.) What is your ultimate goal? i.e. to have more features to increase efficiency and effectiveness of your employees by upgrading you phone system? or just to save money and get it done with the least budget as possible?

7.) How technical are you, and do you have technical people to utilize?

8.) How much are you spending in total on your monthly reoccurring phone bills (in order to determine what your yearly savings would be for various methods of connecting your offices)

9.) What does your calling patterns look like? i.e. Do you call outbound internationally to clients all the time from many locations, etc or is the makeup of the calling mostly local in nature?

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