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How to unlock Aastra 6730i/6731i programmable keys

The Aastra 6730i and 6731i model IP phones come with 8 programmable keys for customization, which are located at the top of the phone.  These keys can be set as BLFs (Busy Lamp Fields), Speed Dials, and XML application commands amongst other settings.  But as anyone who has used these phone know, out of those keys, two come from factory locked, with pre-configured settings.  The number 5 and 6 keys are set as “Save” and “Delete” by default, which can be used in conjunction with the XML phone directory.  But for those of us who either don’t use XML, or wish to be able to configure the phone to their needs, we have to edit the phone’s config to unlock those keys for editing.

To do this, you must edit your phone’s config file to contain the following:

prgkey1 locked: 0

prgkey2 locked: 0

Setting these fields to ‘0′ unlocks the buttons from their pre-config, and  a ‘1′ will return them to a locked state.  So if you edit your config to ‘0′, and then load it into the phone using a TFTP Server, you will then gain access to those keys through your phone’s web GUI.

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