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Installation Guide: Yealink EHS36 with Plantronics Headset and Yealink IP Phone

Overview: The Yealink EHS36 is an Electronic Hook Switch adapter, which allows you to control the “on/off hook” status of your Yealink IP Phone, from your headset. With this device, you simply need to press your headset function button to answer or hang-up calls. This allows you to easily answer or hang-up calls when you are not within arms reach of your phone.


Set-up Guide: The set-up of this device with your supported Plantronics headset and Yealink phone is fairly simple. For a list of supported Headsets, please reference this link: Supported Headsets

 To begin, you will need the following cords: (these cords will come with your headset and EHS36)

  • 1 3.5mm cord
  • 1 RJ11 cord
  • 1 RJ12 cord


Everything you will need


Step 1: Connect the 3.5mm cord to the EHS36, and the Plantronics Base. This cord will send the pickup/hang-up signal to the EHS36.



Step 2: Connect the RJ12 cord to the EHS36, and into the EXT port on the phone. This cord will send the pickup/hang-up signal to the phone.



Step 3: Connect the RJ11 cord to the phones headset port, and to the Plantronics base. This cord will send audio between your headset, and phone.



 Congratulations! You have completed the set-up of the EHS36, with your Plantronics headset and Yealink device.


 Completed Setup





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