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How to Register/Install a Linksys IP Telephone System

1) Add desired extension to your PBX system. Ensure you set a proper Authorization ID and Password.

2) Ensure that your system is wired correctly (LAN, Phone and power cables.)

3) Power on system. Wait several seconds while system initializes.

4) Once system has finished start up, enter your phone system menu. Scroll down to and select NETWORK.

5) Once inside the NETWORK menu, scroll to and select IP ADDRESS. This will display your Unit’s current IP address.

6) Open a Web Browser program. Enter your Telephone’s IP address into the navigation bar. This will display the Linksys Web Interface.

7) Click the ADMIN LOGIN link on the top right hand of the screen. (NOTE: Linksys default username and password for ADMIN functions are username: admin, password: admin)

8) Once the ADMIN page opens, select EXT 1 from the taskbar at the top, this will let you configure your phone line.

9) Once the EXT 1 page displays, enter your information in the following fields:


Proxy: Enter your PBX IP Address


User ID= User ID that you set up with the new extension.

Auth ID= Authorization ID that you set up with the new extension.

Password= Password corresponding to the Auth ID you set up with the new extension.

Note: Change the Use Auth ID box from NO to YES.

10) Click Submit changes, and wait as your system updates and reboots.

11) You have completed a phone registration for your new Linksys IP Telephone System.

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