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How to Update Firmware on an Aastra Phone

1)    Download and Install Pumpkin (

2)    To Download the newest firmware, visit the support downloads site at and following the Downloads link.

2a.    Browse to the Aastra section and download the Firmware Update for your model of IP telephone.

2b.    Save and Unzip the File to your local directory

3)    Run the Pumpkin program from its install directory. 

3a.    Once the Program is open, Click the options button.  This will open an option tab.

3b.    Set the TFTP file system to your Firmware directory.  Select the “Give Files” and “Take Files” options.  Apply the settings and select “OK” to return to Pumpkin.  Ensure the Pumpkin Server is running by verifying in the bottom right corner of the Pumpkin window.

4)    Find your Aastra Telephone’s IP address.

4a.    To find the address, enter the phone’s Options menu.    Scroll down and select the Network option.

4b.    When prompted, enter your password. The Default setting for Aastra phones is Password: 22222.

4c.    Scroll down the network menu to the IP Address option and select it.  This will display your telephone’s IP address.

5)    Open an internet browser.  Enter your telephone’s IP address into the navigation bar.

5a.    When prompted, enter your username and password. The Default setting for Aastra phones is Username: Admin, Password: 22222.

6)    This will display your Telephones web interface.

7)    Select the FIRMWARE UPDATE link on the bottom left side of the screen.

8)    This will display the Firmware Update interface. 

8a.    In the TFTP Server IP box enter the IP of your Pumpkin Server.

8b.    In the File Name box enter the file name of the firmware file that is to be loaded (See below image for an example.)

8c.    Click Download Firmware.  This will begin the firmware update, which will take several minutes.  Once complete your IP telephone will reboot.  Once the telephone returns to its normal user interface, the update is complete.

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