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Grandstream Handytone Interactive Voice Response Menu

Here is a complete guide of the Grandstream IVR commands for use with the Handytone Series.

Menu Voice Prompt Options

To enter this voice prompt menu, press the LED button or press “***” from the analog phone.

Main Menu “Enter a Menu Option” Press “*” for the next menu option

Press “#” to return to the main menu

Available Menu Options: 01-06, 47, 86, 99.

01 “DHCP Mode”, “Static IP Mode”

Press “9” to toggle the selection

If using “Static IP Mode”, configure the IP address information using menus 02 to 05.

If using “Dynamic IP Mode”, all IP address information comes from the DHCP server automatically after reboot.

02 “IP Address “ + IP address The current WAN IP address is announced

If using “Static IP Mode”, enter 12 digit new IP address.

03 “Subnet “ + IP address Same as menu 02

04 “Gateway “ + IP address Same as menu 02

05 “DNS Server “ + IP address Same as menu 02

07 Preferred Vocoder Press “9” to move to the next selection in the list:


• G.723

• G.729

• G.726

• iLBC

12 WAN Port Web Access Press “9” to toggle between enable / disable

13 Firmware Server IP Address

Announces current Firmware Server IP address. Enter 12 digit new IP address.

14 Configuration Server IP Address Announces current Config Server Path IP address.

Enter 12 digit new IP address.

15 Upgrade Protocol Upgrade protocol for firmware and configuration update.

Press “9” to toggle between TFTP / HTTP

16 Firmware Version Firmware version information.

17 Firmware Upgrade Firmware upgrade mode. Press “9” to toggle among the

following three options:

- always check

- check when pre/suffix changes

- never upgrade

47 “Direct IP Calling” Enter a 12 digit IP address to make a direct IP call, after dial tone. (See “Make a Direct IP Call”.)

99 “RESET” Press “9” to reboot the device; or

Enter encoded MAC address to restore factory default



1.) Find the MAC address of the device. It is a 12 digits HEX number located on the bottom

of the unit.

2.) Encode the MAC address. Please use the following mapping:

0-9: 0-9

A: 22

B: 222

C: 2222

D: 33

E: 333

F: 3333

For example, if the MAC address is 000b8200e395, it should be encoded as


3.) To perform factory reset:

a.) Pick up the headset and dial “***” for voice prompt.

b.) Enter “99” and get the voice prompt “Reset”.

c.) Enter the encoded MAC address of the device.

d.) Wait for 15 seconds. The device will reboot automatically and restore to factory

default setting.

Any “Invalid Entry” Automatically returns to main menu.


• Once the button is pressed, you will hear the voice prompt main menu. If the button is pressed

again, while it is already in the voice prompt menu, it jumps to “Direct IP Call” option and a dial

tone is prompted

• “*” shifts down to the next menu option

• “#” returns to the main menu

• “9” functions as the ENTER key in many cases to confirm an option

• All entered digit sequences have known lengths - 2 digits for menu option and 12 digits for IP

address. For IP address, add 0 before the digits if the digits are less than 3 (like

should be key in like 192168000026, no dot needed while input). Once all of the digits are

collected, the input will be processed.

• Key entry can not be deleted but the phone may prompt error once it is detected

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