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Yealink T5x(w) Recovery Process

General Description

During the  upgrade process, the T5XW phone gets stuck during the upgrade, or the device is stuck on the initializing please wait screen.

Troubleshooting Steps

We recommend utilizing a USB drive for recovery, however TFTP recovery can also work.

Files: Yealink T53(w)/T54W/T57W Recovery - Google Drive

1) Please download the applicable files for your device. There are 3 different sets of files to try initially NEW RM, OLD RM and SPEAKER. You may need to attempt recovery with all 3 files as these vary depending on hardware revision of your device. If you happen to know the hardware revision of your phone, for example, you can select the recovery files for that model specifically.

2) Once downloaded, please rename the files accordingly. If you were recovering a T54W you would want to have a T54W.rom/T54W.bin and T54W.rfs if applicable

T53 - T53.bin/T53.rfs/T53.rom

T53W- T53W.bin/T53W.rfs/T53W.rom

T54W - T54W.bin/T54W.rfs/T54W.rom

T57W - T57W.bin/T57W.rfs/T57W.rom

Again, please note, if the .rfs file is not present in the folder for your hardware revision, it is NOT necessary.

3) If utilizing a TFTP server, please ensure that your files are contained on the root of the TFTP server. If utilizing a USB drive please ensure that the drive is formatted as FAT32, only contains 1 partition and is of good quality to ensure compatibility. Please the files on the root of the USB stick.

4) While powered off, insert the USB drive, long press the Redial button and reconnect the power adapter/ethernet to trigger the recovery mode. You should be prompted to a screen that contains a prompt to select USB or TFTP. If not on this screen, please power the phone back down, Long press Speaker button and reconnect the power adapter to trigger the recovery mode and proceed with recovery files

5) If using USB, once selected the USB recovery process will proceed. If you get an error, please double check that your files were named correctly. If the USB recovery still fails, please try again with a different hardware revision's files.

5b) If using TFTP recovery, please enter the details of your TFTP server and press enter. If you need additional information on the TFTP recover process, please reference our article below.

How to use the TFTP Recovery Mode on Yealink Devices - Support | 888VoIP

6) Once complete, the phone should boot up. If after attempting all files on the google drive for your model the phone is still stuck on Welcome -- Please Wait Initializing, please submit an RMA ticket and note that you have attempted the process within. This will help move the RMA process along quicker.

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