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How to create an XML phonebook for Yealink Phones

<p><strong>Getting Started</strong></p> <p>In order to setup shared phonebooks, you will need to be able to create an XML file using a text editor such as Windows Notepad and be able to transfer this file to a web (HTTP) server.</p> <p><strong>Basic Configuration</strong></p> <p>Prepare the XML File.</p> <p>The template below should be followed to create a file called phonebook.xml</p> <p><?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?></p> <p><xxxIPPhoneDirectory clearlight="true"></p> <p><Title>Phonelist</Title></p> <p><Prompt>Prompt</Prompt></p> <p><DirectoryEntry></p> <p><Name>Support</Name></p> <p><Telephone>8881234567</Telephone></p> <p></DirectoryEntry></p> <p><DirectoryEntry></p> <p><Name>Sales</Name></p> <p><Telephone>8887654321</Telephone></p> <p></DirectoryEntry></p> <p><DirectoryEntry></p> <p><Name>Billing</Name></p> <p><Telephone>8881231231</Telephone></p> <p></DirectoryEntry></p> <p><SoftKeyItem></p> <p><Name>#</Name></p> <p><URL><a href="http://xxx/minibrowser/start.xml%3c/URL">http://xxx/minibrowser/start.xml</URL</a>></p> <p></SoftKeyItem></p> <p><SoftKeyItem></p> <p><Name>*</Name></p> <p><URL><a href="http://xxx/minibrowser/menu.xml%3c/URL">http://xxx/minibrowser/menu.xml</URL</a>></p> <p></SoftKeyItem></p> <p></xxxIPPhoneDirectory></p> <p>The xxx value referred to above, is usually your company name, or the name of the server on your network hosting the finished xml file.</p> <p>The <Telephone> number </Telephone> field supports three formats,</p> <ul> <li><Telephone>[email protected]</Telephone></li> <li><Telephone>8881234567</Telephone></li> <li><Telephone>sip:[email protected]</Telephone></li> </ul> <p>Each Contact, has a fixed format</p> <ul> <li><DirectoryEntry></li> <li><Name>Support</Name></li> <li><Telephone>[email protected]</Telephone></li> <li></DirectoryEntry></li> </ul> <p>Keep the format the same and therefore do not change anything except modifying the content between <Name> and </Name> and also between <Telephone> and </Telephone>. The complete section between <Directory> and </Directory> defines just one contact.</p> <p>For more contacts, add new sections in exactly the same format. When the file is complete, save it as phonebook.xml</p> <p>Copy the XML file to your HTTP Server, using an FTP client or SFTP - upload the file into a world readable area on your webserver.</p> <p><strong>Configuring your handset to download the phonebook using the management GUI</strong></p> <p>Once logged into your phones web based interface, select Contacts followed by Remote phone book from the menu.</p> <p>Enter the URL of where the phonebook.xml file is located , for example into the box under "Phone Book URL" and then enter a name under "Phone Book name", for example "Corporate Directory" and press Confirm.</p> <p>On your handset, select Address Book and you will now see a new item called "Corporate", you can access your phone book by selecting "Corporate".</p>

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