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How to Install trixbox CE on a trixbox Appliance

The process for installing trixbox CE on an appliance is very similar to the normal install process.

1.) Download the trixbox CE ISO (

2.) Burn the ISO image to a CD.  Insert the CD into an optical drive that is connected to your appliance.

3.) Boot the appliance from the CD drive.  This will bring you to the trixbox CE installation screen. 

4.) Normally at this point, you would use the "install" command.  But due to the Appliance needing specific drivers for the hardware and LCD screen, you will issue the "appliance" command. 

5.) The install process will begin.  This is an entirely scripted process, and does not require any further steps.  It will take between five and ten minutes to install.

The entire process is the same as the normal CE install, with the sole difference being the "appliance" command. 

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